Monday, November 27, 2006

Success Stories

Scientology Successes

Dianetics ® Technology:
When I first came across Dianetics in 1989 I was very interested and looking for answers on how the mind works. Dianetics was it for me and there was no turning back. Everything L. Ron Hubbard talked about regarding psychomatic illness made sense to me. Using Dianetics enabled me to understand the technology behind this and has helped immensely in eradicating many of the physical problems I was experiencing. This works and everyone can benefit from it to improve their quality of life!! -- SH

I bought and read the Dianetics book some time ago. When I read it, I had a feeling that this would be what I was looking for. Little did I know the miracle that was about to take place for me. I handled a long time situation that was making me an emotional wreck, the spiritual counseling helped me over the illness I had and since that time I have never looked back. I am winning in life in that I am a success at what I do. I am happy, healthy and now I live my life helping others with Dianetics! -- BP

Also watch this video of Dianetics Successes:

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